DAY6 -「If ~また逢えたら~」(If We Meet Again) This classic sounding Japanese single was released on February 5th, and it showcases Day6’s versatility in the music industry by transforming their punk indie sound into the Japanese rock style. It’s difficult to find a translation to this single, but the emotion still sits through the guitar riffs and... Continue Reading →


I love a band who knows me better than I know myself.

I grew up with music whose lyrics I couldn’t relate to. No, I understood everything. There’s a particular brand of poetry that bands from the early 2000s released, it was this brand that one could easily break apart, identify, but not necessarily relate to. Perhaps it was my age. At the time, the bands I... Continue Reading →

“The Perfect Gift”

As you get older, you begin to realize that finding the "perfect gift" is near to impossible. It's not because you don't know what someone likes or what would make someone happy, but with age, you start to settle your mental list of likes and dislikes. In contrast to how each birthday you never really... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the Term ‘Lonely’

I think that word gets thrown around too often. If you think about it, two of the most overused and commonly misused words in the English language might be 'love' and 'lonely.' And often enough, one follows the other in most situations. The distinct differences between 'love' and 'in love' or the ones between 'alone' and... Continue Reading →

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