LumiLens: Andi Mack

Let me start off by saying I am entirely part of the anti Neo-Disney movement. I’m part of the early 90s generation that grew up with Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and Phil of the Future. That was the time of my life when overly complicated jokes like the ones that grace the script of Archer didn’t really matter, and all I needed was some classic humor and sassy female leads to get my day going. That was the era of Disney that helped shape my personality (I wonder where all the wit came from?). So, again, I am 100% anti Neo-Disney.

But… I freaking adore Andi Mack.

First things first, look at how adorable Peyton Elizabeth Lee is. Her pixie cut was something I didn’t have the guts to achieve until I was a junior in high school, and here she is, just turning 13 (in the show), and she’s rocking it. IT’S THOSE CHEEKS! The cheeks, the teeth, oh goodness, I’m fangirling over her as we speak! Alongside all of those things that she was born with, towards the end of the pilot episode, she sports an aqua blue oriental style embroidered bomber jacket. If I could have a little sibling in another life, I hope it’s her. If only I had that sense of style when I was hitting puberty…

I wouldn’t have paid much attention to Andi Mack had I not seen an article come across my Facebook newsfeed about the amazing plot twist at the end of the show’s pilot. Honestly, I assumed it had something to do with the LGBT movement since the new Beauty and the Beast live action movie announced that two gay characters would be part of the storyline, and the community has been raving about the representation in recent media. This was not the case for Andi Mack.


Teen pregnancy as a show hasn’t been a thing since the Secret Life of the American Teenager (of which I only saw the first episode and proceeded to mindlessly skim until I got the gist of everything that happened). It’s revealed in the later half of the pilot that Andi’s badass big sister Bex is actually not her sister – she’s her mom.

Lilan Bowden is gorgeous, and she fits the role of a big sister well. This show actually makes you think from the child’s point of view instead of the mother’s like in the Secret Life. Since Andi is already at that age when she’s starting to declare her independence, you can see it more from how she’s trying to approach the situation instead of her sister’s thoughts. Now, I think Bex’s story could start an entirely other show, but I’m guessing her backstory is going to be revealed as the season goes on.

Congratulations, Disney! I can see the direction you’re heading to. Starting with Girl Meets World, Disney Channel is reaching back to their crowd from the 1990s by approaching them through their children with real life situations. I guess you could consider that a fusion between a kids show and adult life resulting in a valuable life lesson? Teen pregnancy definitely isn’t something you’d want your five year old finding fun, but many parents these days are in their early 20s. These are the parents who grew up with Lizzie as well, and Lizzie’s creator Terri Minsky came back with a huge slap to the Millenial’s warped vision of entertainment with Andi Mack.

Remember the days when even Mom and Dad loved Disney Channel and enjoyed it with you? Maybe it’s time for those days to make a comeback.

Best of luck to the cast of Andi Mack! Looking forward to supporting you through your careers.

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LumiLens: Everyone’s Getting Married

The first of many! LumiLens will be my series of reviews on music videos, movies, and dramas. Let’s begin, shall we?

I’ve been a fan of the Japanese band ‘flumpool’ for almost a decade. I remember stumbling across their song 花になれ years ago, and I fell in love instantly. Since then, I don’t think I can recall a single song of theirs that I didn’t like. They have a very timeless sound, one that’s fit for numerous moods and occasions. I admit, I have a crush on their lead Ryuta Yamamura. With his classic looks and distinct voice, I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was the leading man in this drama.

Everyone’s Getting Married (突然ですが、明日結婚します) directed by Michiko Namiki is the live action adaptation of the manga with the same title by Izumi Miyazono. I confess, I haven’t read the manga. I’ve been out of touch with any reading for a while (aside from ‘Tales of the Unusual’ which I read to satisfy some dark side of mine), but after watching the first couple of episodes, I might just find a reason to start up again.

This drama follows Asuka, a dedicated banker, who dreams of getting married and being a housewife just like her mother. Upon chance, she meets Ryu, a seemingly cold-hearted show host who refuses to get married. After the breakup with her boyfriend of five years (how dare he), Asuka finds herself being chased after by Ryu, though he still insists that marriage is not for him.

Everyone is waiting on episode 7, and while I’m only on episode 2, I’m already hooked. Aside from being able to watch Ryuta outside of a music video, Mariya Nishiuchi makes her character very relate-able, so it’s easy to see her point of view on this. On the other hand, Ryu’s view on marriage is very reasonable as well. This drama definitely makes one think about his or her goals in life regarding marriage. Especially at my age when you start to realize that in five years or so, I’ll either be married, working, or both. I’m a hopeless romantic, and it’s pretty obvious that Asuka is, too. But for Ryu, who’s damaged from another very realistic situation, it looks like he knows what he wants even though it might contradict his views.

“An old love came to an end, and a new period of my life started.” – Ryu

That might not be an exact quote, but, for me, this stood out a lot. Many young adults my age are either in a relationship, lonely for company, or too focused on their careers for anything else. In my opinion, one always leads to another. This drama was definitely what I needed, and I can’t wait to keep watching.