Moodcast #1: LONELY

Music has set the mood since films were silent and colorless. As melodies and tunes brought scenes together, music melted into real life scenarios and made life a little easier to understand with a bit of music playing in the background. While they were a stranger’s words, they spoke to us in times of distress, times of happiness, and all around times throughout our lives that just needed more than what we had.

Let’s dive into our first playlist: Lonely.

GARY-Lonely-Night1. 또 하루 (Lonely Night) – Gary (feat. GAEKO (개코)

Gary’s MV, that released on January 3rd of last year, centers on how easily a person can be brought down in the life of a daily person. The main character, played by Song Ji Hyo, goes through stressful days as her workload continues to pile up. No one else can definitely know the hardships you go through except for yourself. But with the help of the jazzy trumpets and memorable raps, the song livens up and is given a warm and heartfelt vibe.

0eBMga2. Hopeless Love – Park Jimin

“Hopeless Love” by JYP’s Jimin Park takes the listener through a friendship between herself and two other friends as they venture off into adventures together. However, she begins to feel the effects of a one-sided love as the bond of the group slightly breaks, leaving Jimin in a lonely and hurtful stance. With her high vocal range, her voice calls out to the one she loves, but it’s hopeless to try when he doesn’t feel the same type of way. Out of list, this song expresses a lonely heartbreak to know what you want will never work out.

maxresdefault3. 한숨 (Breathe) – Lee Hi

Lee Hi sings a soothing ballad conveying the message of surviving on your own in the crazy world of reality. There will be times when situations won’t work out as you planned or carrying too much burden and worries on your shoulders. Listeners would find this song as a rest to know that “it’s okay to make mistakes once in awhile.” With a moment to take a breathe, everything would be okay in the future.  

day6-releases-the-live-performan4. 누군가 필요해 (I Need Somebody) – Day6

The majority of Day6’s songs usually fall into this category as well. “I Need Somebody” speaks for the minds that feel like they are falling behind on their own and left alone in the world. While the the notes of the piano plays a slow melody in the beginning, the chorus transitions into a faster pace with the beats of the electric guitar and pounds of the drums as the vocal ranges begin to get stronger. The members’ powerful vocals to the lyrics add to the sense of asking “why do I feel like I’m always on my own?” with a style of rock. Of Day6’s music, this might be one of the most unique of their songs. This has a very dynamic style, going back and forth between the angrier side and the solemn side of loneliness.

oyz78jmapV1UvKuPaib-o5. All Alone – Day6

Last but not least, Day6 recently released a track which follows up in their Every Day6 singles. “All Alone” plays a gentle melody sending chills down the spine with the strums of an acoustic guitar, while the lyrics direct the attention of having somebody that will stay by your side through thick and thin. The song somewhat transcends a lullaby vibe as the members’ comforting vocals harmonize together, as the soft notes of a xylophone creates a unique tone to the music. In the cinema-like MV, each member experiences their own side of solitude whether it would be in a one-sided love or wishing to have a someone to share talks with, yet the song is able to set a soothing mood in the midst.

What mood are you in today?


Click here to listen to the full #MOODCAST Lonely playlist!



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