DAY6 -「If ~また逢えたら~」(If We Meet Again) This classic sounding Japanese single was released on February 5th, and it showcases Day6’s versatility in the music industry by transforming their punk indie sound into the Japanese rock style. It’s difficult to find a translation to this single, but the emotion still sits through the guitar riffs and... Continue Reading →


The Light

Strength isn’t always measured by your ability to heal from an injury or build muscle. The strongest form of self-recovery can be shown by one’s mental strength to overcome hardship and recreate yourself despite setbacks. The band Royal Pirates first met ears through YouTube covers that shed light onto viral KPOP hits with a rock... Continue Reading →


Surviving in the world of hip hop, an artist’s life isn’t as carefree and easy as some people may believe it is. Massive amounts of dedication and time are poured into every bit of sweat spent on precious work when creating music. In fact, a majority of artists who are well-known today started at rock bottom before... Continue Reading →

Moodcast #1: LONELY

Music has set the mood since films were silent and colorless. As melodies and tunes brought scenes together, music melted into real life scenarios and made life a little easier to understand with a bit of music playing in the background. While they were a stranger’s words, they spoke to us in times of distress,... Continue Reading →

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