LumiLife: The Importance of Conventions

Photo courtesy of NB Photography & Media Model: Joeshmoe Cosplay Passion cultivates domains. If you're passionate about something, there's a good chance there is an entire other group of people just like you who love the same thing. And when that happens, there is a wonderful possibility that there is a convention for it. Everyone... Continue Reading →


LumiScript’s Official Facebook Page

Hello, followers! LumiScript is still growing, and I hope to one day reach different crowds. For now, please help spread the word by liking the Official LumiScript page on Facebook! xx

Buy a Book, You Need It

I revel in the latest age of technology as much as the next young adult. After a while, I started to forget the novelty of feeling a book in my hands, the scent of the paper coming off the page. Today's read is whiskey words & a shovel III by r.h. Sin. And I honestly cannot remember... Continue Reading →

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