LumiScript’s Mission and Hallyu

I originally intended on starting this blog for personal thoughts, life issues and lessons, and overall subjects that I felt comfortable enough to share with the people in my life. Platforms like Tumblr left my words overlooked, and a brand new start seemed to be the best idea.

Only until this very second, I didn’t actually realize what LumiScript really was for.

LumiScript – the combination of my favorite spell ‘lumos‘ and ‘postscript’ is my way of starting from the simplicity of personal issues I’ve come across and combining them with the music scene that I’ve found my home in. I’ve learned over the years of being apart of the Hallyu music scene that the youth of today grow up and learn from the music they listen to. I started out with the angsty, carefree sounds of pop punk and somehow ended up entangling my earbuds with Japanese metal and Korean dance pop. So how does this tie into LumiScript?

I have friends in high places, but I don’t intend on depending on them to help me rise above the latency of new blogs and YouTube channels. Instead, I plan on reaching out to rising artists, underground artists, photographers, dancers – anyone who wants their voice to be heard to the audiences I’m familiar with stretching across the indie music scene to the anime conventions I love attending. This is my way of fusing the worlds that created my personality together.

Let the games begin!

First stop: RVA Mini Hallyu Expo.

If there’s any place I know I’ll find new friends, it’s with the Hallyu scene.



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