So Who is it Today?

Maybe there’s a reason people nowadays have a bark far worse than their bite.

I mean, I’m guilty of it. Seriously, who isn’t? Who can honestly admit with a straight face that you have never made an open-ended post about someone using the pronoun “you”?

140 characters seemed like the right amount to give when it came to subtweets on Twitter in its early era before nearly everyone in my high school owned one. And back then, it seemed perfectly reasonable to just type out

“Why are you so annoying”

as opposed to actually saying it out loud.

Congratulations, Millennials! You found a loophole to cyberbullying. It’s not really an insult because how can you be sure it’s about you? I mean, it’s easier isn’t it? Stir up some paranoia because then who’s really the bad guy here? So who is the real victim:  the one who thinks they’re doing the annoying or the one who’s actually annoying? And is it any less terrible to put it out there without any names, leaving people to guess?

I think the more disturbing part of the subpost culture is that it’s 2017, and people are still doing it.

You know why?

Yes, you, I’m writing this because literally just before I hit the “write” button on WordPress, you posted something just as bad.

In my head, there are two different kinds of subposts:

  1. The ones that come from the bully
  2. The ones that come from the bullied

Both are bad, but the second one I think is worse.

Now I can see why that might be cruel on my part, but let this sink in for a second.

The Type A individual who is the bully posts these things because those are their thoughts. If you asked them what they were thinking, sure, they might tell the truth, but then again, if you’re the one they’re talking about, they might lie. Regardless, there isn’t much of a fascade there. Type A puts it out there because if they can’t say it, they’ll type it.

And then there’s Type B.

Let’s put a persona to Type B: this is the person who is the oddball. No one had to say it outright, but Type B knows “I’m different than everyone else. I don’t fit in like they do.”

When a Type A is let down, they get angry. When Type B is let down, they look for sympathy.

Subposts from Type B only have one purpose whether they know it or not:

“What happened?”

“Are you okay?”

“Do you need to talk to someone?”

Ahh, there’s the attention they needed. There are consequences of being a Type B individual, and it has to do with something along the lines of things not being as they appear.

The need to make a subpost needs to expire.

The milk that spilled is already spoiled – it was going to get thrown out anyway.


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