Quality Time with Myself

When was the last time you spent the day alone? Not those days that are spent all day in bed, watching movies, and stuffing your face with whatever snack is closest to your bed. I mean, when was the last time you went out and enjoyed the day on your own without expecting any company?... Continue Reading →


LumiScript’s Mission and Hallyu

I originally intended on starting this blog for personal thoughts, life issues and lessons, and overall subjects that I felt comfortable enough to share with the people in my life. Platforms like Tumblr left my words overlooked, and a brand new start seemed to be the best idea. Only until this very second, I didn't... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the Term ‘Lonely’

I think that word gets thrown around too often. If you think about it, two of the most overused and commonly misused words in the English language might be 'love' and 'lonely.' And often enough, one follows the other in most situations. The distinct differences between 'love' and 'in love' or the ones between 'alone' and... Continue Reading →

So Who is it Today?

Maybe there's a reason people nowadays have a bark far worse than their bite. I mean, I'm guilty of it. Seriously, who isn't? Who can honestly admit with a straight face that you have never made an open-ended post about someone using the pronoun "you"? 140 characters seemed like the right amount to give when... Continue Reading →

Friends Today, Gone Tomorrow

There's a certain stigma that changes as time goes on regarding who you're friends with. The friends you make in college are your friends for life. Upon hearing something like this, you find your freshman year niche. This is your "posse." This is the group of friends who you talk to everyday. If you meet... Continue Reading →

Being Friends with a Beauty Blogger

We've all seen them. Whether you follow their full posts online or rapidly hit the 'like' button when their faces appear on your Instagram feed, beauty bloggers are taking over the fashion scene, each with their own unique sense of style and presence. There's a mild sense of intimidation when you see that 'k' next... Continue Reading →

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